Dedicated to
Chantal Akerman
Abbas Kiarostami

85' / Super 16 / B&W, Colour / 2017

Sea of Tranquility is a completely independent film with no external funding from any funding bodies. It was funded by the filmmakers themselves and crowdfunding. Shooting started in 2012, it was in post production for almost 5 years because of money restrictions and personal struggles. If you would like to show any support, you can find a donate link at the bottom of this page. 

Sea of Tranquility has adopted traditional film techniques to achieve a real cinematic aesthetic. It was shot on Super 16 and parts of the film were also processed, printed, manipulated and edited by hand at Artist Film Workshop (AFW) based in Melbourne. AFW is the only artist run studio/lab in Australia that has all the facilities to film, process, print, manipulate, edit and project 16mm films. If you would like to know more about processing your own film please contact us or AFW.

We would like to give special thanks to Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie from Nanolab who were fantastic mentors and inspiration throughout the making of the film. 

Sea of Tranquility and all it's contents is under a creative commons licence. Under this CC (BY-NC-SA) licence you are free to share and adapt the work as long as you give attribution credit, do not use the material for commercial purposes and share under the same license.

Production Studio:
Sorry Films / Artist Film Workshop

| Eeva Demian | Ender Baskan | Brice Veika | Solomon Harvey | Casey Pringle | Joel Pringle | Dafna Kro | Maya North | Alexander Sproule-Lagos | Thomas Hayes | Zachary Bradtke | Louis Puli | Tim MC | Anthony Juchnevicius | Alena Lodkina |

Black & White:
Film Stock - 16mm Orwo UN54 & U74
Camera - ARRIFLEX Super 16SR3
Lenses - ZEISS Super SpeedsMk3. 12mm, 25mm.
Gear - Cameraquip
Lab - Deluxe

Film Stock - 16mm Kodak 50D & 250D, Fuji 64D
Print Stock - Kodak 3383
Cameras - Modified Super 16 K3 & Bolex
Lab - Artist Film Workshop

Song - Sea of Fertility
Performed by Eye of Sophia: 

Tilde Joy - Bass, Cello, 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Voice
Brice Veika - Organ, Violin, Piano
Matthew Cottrell - Drums, Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Lukas Glickman at Studio Easey.

Listen to / download track: 

Creative Commons License